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fishing at tipper's family campgroundPlayground

We have a great playground for the kids. The playground is in a safe location away from the water and roadways. There is plenty to please any child.


The Skootamata River is ideal for canoeing. The current is slow, it is sheltered from the wind, and you are never very far from shore. The river is too small for power boats, but big enough that you can canoe for hours. It is a great spot for beginners to build their skills, as well as experienced canoeists to go on a full day excursion. Canoes are available to rent at the store. Rentals include life preservers, paddles and a safety kit.


At Tipper's Family Campground we have two great spots to go swimming. There is a sandy beach that gradually deepens, which is ideal for kids. Their is a deep section of water at the beach so children do need to be watched. Swimming below our rapids is great for the older kids and adults. The water at the rapids is well over your head. The water is very clean, and there is enough of a current to keep stagnant water away.

Playing at Tipper's Family CampgroundSporting Activities

At Tipper's Family Campground there is plenty to keep the sports enthusiast satisfied. We have a softball diamond, basketball hoop, and a volleyball net. There are two large, open fields, suitable for a game of football, soccer, or kite flying. If you want something that is a little more laid back, we have horseshoe pits. Most equipment needed to play can be borrowed from the store.


Enjoy a relaxing morning fishing. There are plenty of bass and pike in the Skootamata. There are worms and fishing tackle available at the store. Who knows, you might even catch enough for breakfast.




Tipper's Family Campground

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